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Share and revel in Ducati appreciation with us.

DOCNZ is the place to share knowledge, tips, tricks, opinions, and yarns… we’re listening!

One big, blissful Ducati family.

Just like you, we adore all things Ducati.  We’re an enthusiastic group of fans, who relish the thought of riding and connecting with like-minded motorcycle-lovers all around the country, and the world.

We’re a supportive and open place, the only criteria; passion for Ducati! 


Make some noise – we're happy to help!

We're just like you!

Ducati riders everywhere have a certain passion about their motorcycles, just like you! 

Devoted to the style, performance and the prestige of Ducati - and we don’t take ourselves too seriously.

Come on in...

You'll be treated to a hearty welcome, and soon become family. Show us your factory, customised, or restored Ducati(s). Tap into sound advice from our trusted experts and aficionados, or just rock up to one of our events. You’ll soon find there’s something here for everyone.

Your People

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No club can be successful without a dedicated team. Together we plan the DOCNZ route forward, keep the engine prepped and oiled, accelerate with gusto, and bring everyone on the journey!

Committee Members and Regional Directors work hard to keep us revvin'... click and read more below


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