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Ducati Official Club New Zealand (DOCNZ) Legal need-need-to-knows

Your responsibilities – Indemnity and Release

In consideration of, and as a condition of your presence at or participating in a DOCNZ club activity, you indemnify, hold harmless and release DOCNZ, its officers, volunteers, agents and members (indemnitees) against any actions, costs losses or claims arising out of, or related to, your injury or death, loss or damage caused to you or your equipment however arising (losses) and agree to release all and each indemnitee to the full extent permitted by law from all liability to you for losses arising directly or indirectly as a result of any act or omission of all or any of the indemnitees or which is connected to your presence or involvement in the DOCNZ club activity.

Say what…?!

Motorcycling can be extremely dangerous. You may be injured or killed, or worse, you may damage your motorcycle! It’s also possible you may get lost and not be able to find your way home.

Your participation in club activities is at your own discretion and your own risk. By attending or participating in any DOCNZ club activity, it is deemed that you are acknowledging this danger and accepting the risk.

Should you be involved in an incident, we may not notice, and we may not be aware that you are injured or worse. Whilst we will do all we can as good buggers to assist you, ultimately you are responsible for your own safety and well-being. Joining any ride is your agreement to this.

We rely on each participant to take responsibility for:

  • themselves and/or their pillion, including the use of protective motorcycle apparel
  • being in a fit and able state to ride and to maintain concentration
  • their own legal obligations to ride on New Zealand roads
  • the roadworthiness of their motorcycle when riding on public roads
  • to ride safely and courteously and obey New Zealand laws

The ride organisers have complete discretion to compel you to leave a ride if they have concerns in relation to your or willingness to ride safely, act courteously and follow instructions

Other safety considerations

We generally ride on public roads and make no guarantees as to the conditions on the day. Ride within your own capabilities at all times and consider the unpredictable and potentially hazardous nature of the road surface, traffic, weather conditions and other factors. Remain constantly aware of wild animals, farm equipment, heavy machinery, trucks, and other road users, who may drive, ride or act dangerously or with a lack of skill or sound mind.


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