Ducati Official Club New Zealand

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Let your enthusiasm for Ducati motorcycles connect you to a dynamic and inclusive group of passionate Ducatisti.

We’re a genuine, straight-up, and (slightly) fanatical crowd. Home to a bunch of good buggers that ride timeless, quality masterpieces – and enjoy a culture steeped in camaraderie, support, knowledge, and sharing stories – no matter how elaborate or far-fetched they may be.

We all take pride in talking about (drooling over!) and riding our motorcycles, and always have a laugh along the way, especially when club members hit New Zealand’s smile-worthy roads – from the tip of the North Island, all the way to the deep South.

Our exclusive DOCNZ membership portal is our hub. Here you’ll meet the people who keep the gears cranking, receive notifications about the next club event or ride near you, spot DOCNZ merchandise you want, and stay in the loop on all things DOCNZ.

Ducati Official Club Events

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We make every ride, meeting, and connection count. You’ll soon find yourself riding back for more while connecting with Ducati-lovers all over the country.

Our events are all about bringing you support, knowledge, and inspiration and a laugh or two along the road.

NDR is our premier annual event where Ducati enthusiasts gather from all over New Zealand and the world.

Get a glimpse of what our NDR is all about with our short video below!

Types of Events

  • Organised Club Rides
  • Overnighters
  • National Ducati Rally
  • Region Monthly Club Nights

More About DOCNZ

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Established in 2002 for Ducati-fanatics like you, DOCNZ is your place to meet new and old riding pals – our Ducati family!


Get involved!

With 3000+ registered Ducati Official Club Members and affiliates combined, our club spans not only New Zealand, but the World.

If you are interested in joining other enthusiastic Ducatisti, register to become a DOCNZ Member, or stalk us for a while by following us on Social Media

Our Supporters

We want to recognise businesses for their generosity and support of our club. To show our appreciation please support them as thanks for cheering us on. They help us do what we do, for YOU!


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