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Our People:


Ange Joe


Meet the girl that always dreamt of doing the perfect wheel stand, just like the show-off stranger wheely’ing up a storm in front of her all those years ago! Although her career as a stunt rider never eventuated, Ange’s passion for motorcycles did. 

Her enthusiasm for motorcycling and motorcycling people is immense! With a knack for uniting people while having a good laugh, Ange loves nothing more than riding, and sharing stories with old or new mates.

When not working Ange is revvin' the DOCNZ machine, dreaming up big ideas for the club. In her spare time you'll find her riding the treasured Panigale... or shoe shopping. “I am a girl after all!” she says.

Darryl Smith


Darryl was spurred on from a young age. His father was a life-long motorcycle enthusiast and his passion soon became Darryl’s.

The love affair with Ducati began with the Monster 1000S. Darryl progressed through sports models (848, 848EVO, 899) culminating in the 1299 Panigale. Complete with a full Akrapovič exhaust system… that sound!

These day's you'll now find him riding the 1260 Pikes Peak Multistrada. He tells us it's comfort without compromising handling. One hell of a bike.

Committed to the Ducati brand, Darryl supports the DOCNZ family as VP, Turismo Mastermind, and Auckland’s Ride Director.

Graeme Joy


Graeme considers it a privilege to ride with the Wellington DOCNZ team and the extended DOC family from Palmerston North. He fondly recalls how Ride Director Ross Dixon and Good Bugger Pete Mallalieu were the first to welcome him aboard, and from there, their mate-ship has grown from there.

On Saturdays, you'll often find him clocking up 300 to 400km, taking inspiration from fellow DOCNZ members posting their rides and photo’s.
‘Our DOCNZ team are amazing people doing amazing things’, who wouldn’t be inspired by that!  

As Secretary, Graeme is committed to supporting the DOCNZ team, meeting more diverse and interesting members, and squeezing in more riding time.

Nita Maaka


Nita’s addiction for all things motorbikes began at age 15. Her infatuation meant sampling everything from motocross and speedway solos, to bucket racing and sidecar swinging. If it had a connection to motorcycles, she’d give it a go.

Nita’s obsession for Ducati was born in 1997 with a 750SS bought from old man Haldane. Now on her 8th Ducati, Nita rides a 1299S Panigale. “The most photographed bike I’d ever owned,” she reckons!

When not on her 1299S, Nita loves to ride her husband’s Harley Dyna Low rider S. Her dirty little riding secret, she reckons it brings out the wild child in her – and we’d have to agree.

Bat Paterson


Bat's first experience with motorbikes was in her early 20s, as a pillion on a trip to Raglan, and she remembers the exhilaration she felt the first time taking off at the lights. She got her motorbike licence and purchased her first bike soon after that!

Her current bikes include a  limited edition Diavel a 'work of art' and a 2021 Supersport S complete with a full Akrapovic exhaust system because 'it's gotta sound as good as it looks!', TOO RIGHT!

Her favourite NZ road is from Queenstown to Glenorchy. The view, the sweeping corners, oh yeah, and the great pub at the end!

As a self-confessed 'planner', Bat jumped at the chance to support our regional Directors, and project manage Ange our Prez, and our national events.


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