Our People:


Darryl Smith


Darryl was spurred on from a young age by his father. He was a life-long motorcycle enthusiast, and his passion soon became Darryl’s. Darryl’s love affair with Ducati began with a Monster 1000S, and he progressed through the sports bike models (848, 848EVO, 899) culminating in the 1299 Panigale complete with a full Akrapovič exhaust system… that sound! Looking for more comfort without compromising handling, he’s now moved on to the 1260 Pikes Peak Multistrada, which he tells us is one hell of a bike. 

Passionate about the Ducati brand, Darryl is committed to supporting DOCNZ and the Ducati family as VP, Turismo Mastermind, and Auckland’s Ride Director.

Sue & Roger Pereira


Not one to talk about himself… much… Roger started his love affair with motorbikes at the tender age of 18, and has never looked back. His dream of owning a Ducati came true when he ordered a 1991 907ie from Bob Haldane’s, which he still owns today. After Roger met Sue in New Plymouth back in 2009, the couple were “made” when she also loved “the duck”. Since then, there is nowhere the 907 would go without Sue.

Now, the couple enjoys almost every weekend out on the road.

Join Sue and Roger as they host rides around the Waikato, and the DOCNZ club night

Bruce Campbell


Bio coming soon... 

Ross Dixon


Ross's older cousins Robert and Glen (Holden) started motorcycle racing in the late 70s, he and his dad would go and watch whenever they could. Absolute heroes to a young boy - as they rode fast, wore big grins, and created much chaos at the local pub!  

As he started work he chose motorcycles for commuting. Not because he couldn’t afford a car but as a Yorkshire lad he was TIGHT! and he couldn't bring himself to pay for parking! A self-confessed motorcycle whore, the brands varied, often based on what his hero was racing at the time. The first Ducati was also his first v-twin. A brand new 2000 SS900.  Not fast, but Ross has coveted the brand ever since.  

Always at the ready with a tall story, get along to the next Wellington event and judge his stories for yourself!

Brendon Vesty


Brendon's motorcycle journey began on an old 2005 Harley Davidson Fatboy. Although he soon moved to sport bikes, so the Harley and the beard had to go!

Last year he took out the Cliff-hanger Flying Quarter mile with top average speed in Class 2. Now with 10 or so track days, and courses like Ride Forever, California Superbike School & Brian Bernard training days under his belt, he’s looking into a bit of  racing.

Having owned 9 bikes, over the last two years, the latest addition, a 2021 Ducati Panigale V4 SP with some nice fruity bits. By far the most impressive and well performed bike he’s owned or ridden!

Brendon hosts the monthly DOCNZ ride and meet in Hawkes Bay and looking forward to meeting other Ducatista like you.

Could this be YOU?!


Dave aka Tuck (as in Robin Hood's, Friar-Tuck), started riding in 1991 on a Suzuki GSX250. Another keen bean who got the all-important Motorcycle license before car license. We love your priorities, Dave! 

Nowadays he can be found cruising on his Ducati Monster. Legend has it, he went to pick up complimentary speedway tickets at a mate’s motorcycle shop and the Monster was sitting in the showroom - winking at him! Now it sits proudly in his garage waiting for the next opportunity to get out on the streets. Expensive ‘complimentary’ tickets wouldn’t you say?!

Join Dave at the Manawatu club night or any of the great scenic rides in the area. Including the classic Gentle Annie, from Taihape to Napier, or the Para Para’s and the Martinborough loop...


Could this be YOU?


We’re on the look-out for a new Taranaki Director! To throw your bike-glove into the circuit, get in touch with the team.



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