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We're here to enjoy the RIDE!

Ride your own ride; it's NOT A RACE

  • You don’t need to keep up with the bike ahead of you. A marker will be waiting for you at the next intersection

  • Ride in group formation (ask if you don’t know what this is)

  • Don’t be a dick! Don’t cut corners! Be considerate and be safe when overtaking!

  • Tell or text the leader if you’re leaving so we don’t come looking for you!

  • The phone number of the Director can be found in the event description

  • Ensure your bike is road legal

DOCNZ operates the Second Rider Drop-Off System

This approach involves everyone. It's all about keeping the squad tight and the rubber on the road.

Here's the lowdown:

  • The ride leader and trusty tail-end Charlie will be introduced at the pre-ride briefing 

  • As the ride twists and turns, the rider directly behind keeps an eye on the leader. When the leader points at a corner, it's the cue! The second rider (the one behind the leader!) pulls over and mark the change in direction. Yep, they've become the MARKER!

  • If you're the marker, be visible and be safe!

  • Everyone else cruises past, except for tail-end Charlie.

  • Once the tail-end Charlie is spotted, the MARKER rejoins the pack.

  • ... and can slide smoothly back up to the front of the group, and get ready for the next twist in the road.

  • Remember, nobody, except the designated tail-end Charlie, should be hanging at the back.

We're all in this together, folks, and this system keeps us riding strong and safe. Let's hit the road and make every twist and turn count!


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