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Motorcycling & flexibility

How many times do your get off your bike after a long ride and feel like you have aged 10 years?

Expert yogi master, Dawn Voyce says riding your Ducati should be effortless. Imagine the ultimate ride, you are one with your bike, relaxed, comfortable and in sync.

How often does that happen?  Ducati bikes are stunning to look at and ride, but not always the most comfortable!
How do you get closer to that ultimate riding experience – β€˜simple, Yoga!’
Dawn tells me her hubby rides a Bevel 900ss and a Ducati Scrambler, and poo-hooed Yoga for 10 years. After finally giving it a go, and had to eat his words! He finds has more flexibility in his hips, more openness in his shoulders and his neck has more movement and strength.

Get a taste of how yoga can improve your ride and have a go!

There's no guarantee it'll help hangovers, but it might help you feel a little more relaxed before you hit the road!
Dawn has studied yoga for over 20 years and taught for over 10 years enabling all levels and ages. Yoga therapy, breath, and embodiment practices are weaved into all Dawn's classes.

She looks forward to teaching a class during a National Ducati Rally in the future... watch this space. In the meantime, try it out a local yoga venue near you...


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