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Director Spotlight // Brendon

While visiting Havelock North, Ange spotted Brendon as he rode past on his Panigale V4 SP.

She followed (stalked) him to where he stopped for lunch and talked him into becoming Hawkes Bay's Director, the rest is history!

Let's get to know him...

📸ASP - Brendon tearing up the South Island NZ

📸ASP - Brendon tearing up the South Island NZ

Hawkes Bay Director - Brendon

Tell us Brendon, what’s the best thing about DOCNZ?

The People. A genuine group of likeminded Ducati enthusiasts like myself.

Describe your approach to riding in a song

Bat out of Hell. LOL!

What’s your favourite thing about being a DOCNZ Director

The way Ange pushes me to keep organising local Hawkes Bay rides and get togethers. Puts me on my toes, but I always thoroughly enjoy each event.

Your best Ducati/motorcycling experience/memory?

Probably walking into Motomart to pick up my New Ducati V4SP. A piece of art.

WORST Ducati/motorcycling experience/memory?

Aren’t any worst experiences riding a Ducati. Everyday on a bike is a good day.

What’s on your motorcycling route/destination bucket list?

Would like to ride one of the Italian tracks, Mugello or Misano of course on a V4 Ducati

What have you learnt about life since becoming a motorcyclist?

It's better with Motorbikes in it. “A Motorcycle ride melts away the frustration of life in less than a kilometre.”

What is your biggest motorcycling peeve when riding with others? And why?

No real peeves, I am happy to ride with anyone, just being out there as much as I can and always happy to have others to ride with and have a natter after.

On the Track when I am riding a little underpowered bike I get a little antsy when the big bikes hold me up in the corners. I work to pass them, then they pass me again on the straight.

What would others be peeved about when riding with you? And how do you know this?

Maybe stone chips from the soft tyres I love to use.

If you didn’t ride, or NOT riding, what would take up your time and why?

Family time with any of my 4 children and lovely wife. Lots of time spent at the office and on my mobile computer (phone doing business). Also trying to fit in some exercise.

3 words your closest friends would say about you?

Driven. Focused and handsome. Bahaaa!

Best motorcycling advice received

To relax. Release pressure on the bars and to always look ahead where you want to go.

What advice would you give someone new to DOCNZ?

Contact your local director, get on the group rides or meet and greets. Get out there with the other Ducatisti and other branded riders who still are to learn the pleasure of owning and riding Ducati.

Brendon and wife Jessica

Brendon and wife Jessica

📸 Brendon and Nico, co-Director in training

📸 Brendon and Nico, co-Director in training


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