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Introducing sponsor, and friend to DOCNZ, Scott from Zenith Motorcycle Tours

Combining his passion for motorcycles, racing, and travel Scott founded Zenith Motorcycle Tours!

His vision - to take fans to iconic MotoGP locations, integrating amazing roads to ride, food to eat, and getting immersed in the culture.

The business has been going now for over 5 years. A pause due to Covid for the last two years means Scott is highly motivated to get up and running again for 2023!

I interviewed Scott learn more about him and what he does.

Tell us about what you do as part of the business Scott:

I am involved in every aspect of every tour including leading each ride group. All aspects of organisation, and contingency planning is done upfront. This means tours are seamless, risks mitigated, and avoids details being missed. All so clients can have the best experience.. 

How has the business changed over the years?

The business changed due to Covid and the difficulties that posed to overseas travel. It also halted expansion, as we had planned to add other destinations over the last couple of years.

This was put on hold until NOW... 

What awesome things have you been up too?

One notable story was our trip through the Himalayas in 2019. During the worst rains India had had for around 70 years. We encountered a few roads blocks of flood waters and mudslides. At one water crossing I had to ride the groups motorcycles through strong running water one by one. When our group were safely across there was another group of 15 other local riders who also needed help. So, a few of us battled against the gushing waters to help them ride through too! A great adventure!

What has been the most satisfying, favourite aspect of your job?

The best part by far is to see and experience different cultures on a motorcycle. There is no better way to travel!

You're exposed to the elements. You get to take in the smells, feel the changes in temperature, and be part of the surroundings to take it all in! Better than being a passenger in a bus just looking out a window.

The smiles on the faces of clients after riding some of the amazing roads we travel is up there with the most satisfying aspects that’s for sure.

If you weren’t in this role, what would you be doing and why?

Well, my dreams of becoming a MotoGP racer when I left school didn’t eventuate. So, when not touring and planning tours, my other business is a removal company in Sydney.

I don't do well being stuck indoors. So like to get outdoors, keep fit and meet new people each day when we move them. It's a great living. Doesn't compare to riding motorcycles through amazing countries though, haha... 

Who has been your motorcycling inspiration and why?

Defiantly Wayne Gardner. I was a teenager when he won the world championship and was the first Australian to do so. I wanted to grow up and be him! Haha. I started racing as soon as I left school but never reached those heady heights

Your top 3 favourite road trips/routes and why?

We landed in Sardinia and rode down to Cala Gonone. Some awesome twisty road.

A favourite here in Sydney is The Putty Road as it goes through some beautiful countryside.

Thirdly, any ride to Phillip Island as it's one of the best tracks in the world. And it means I'm in for some action!

Three words that others would say about you:

Adventurous. Reliable. Fun.

Best advice someone gave you?

Fortune favours the brave. Go for it in life and enjoy your time here.

What do you want your customers to remember when they leave one of your tours?

The great times, memories, and the friendships that they made on tour.

Sounds great doesn't it?!

Feel free to reach out to Scott with your questions or want to yarn.  He's an Aussie who is happy to chat and share stories.

As an official DOCNZ sponsor, we'll be seeing more of Scott's past and future adventures on our FB page and media channels.

Zenith Motorcycle Tours


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