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Director Spotlight // Andrew

Otago Director - Andrew

Andrew has been battling his worsening Ducati addiction for over 25 years now.

Recently he's accepted what his wife has been telling him for years; that he has a problem. To this end he decided it was time to step up and connect with other similarly afflicted Otago Ducatisti, for help and support.

Let's get to know him...

What’s the best thing about DOCNZ?

Great club and people, awesome motorcycles.

What inspires you?

Living a good life, and doing the good things in life.

Describe your approach to riding in a song, and why?

Tough question....  & one I don’t have an answer for. Primal Scream ‘Loaded’ comes to mind as song that ‘fits’ with riding, and invokes a similar spirit or mood.   The excited vocal intro ‘…we’re gonna party, we’re gonna have a good time! ’ sets the scene,  and the upbeat rhythm and the variation speaks to me of riding a mint section of road.

What’s your favourite thing about being a DOCNZ Director?

Meeting some great Ducati nuts, and getting out riding more than I otherwise would.

Best Ducati/motorcycling experience/memory?

Sitting on the hillside at Valencia among the drunk Spanish punters watching Baylis win the last ever 1000cc MotoGP race, as a wildcard entry having just taken out the WSBK title. And it was a Duc 1-2 with Capirossi taking 2nd place.

WORST Ducati/motorcycling experience/memory?

That sudden realisation you are flying through the air and it’s not going to end well.

What’s on your motorcycling route/destination bucket list?

Running the Motogiro d’Italia, and too many others to list.

What have you learned about life since becoming a motorcyclist?

Appreciate the risk and responsibility / risk and reward side of it; finding that balance, and getting out there and trying to do it as well as you can. This follows through to other aspects of life also.

What is your biggest motorcycling peeve when riding with others? And why?

Too many stops ….

What would others be peeved about when riding with you? And how do you know this?

Good question….

If you didn’t ride, or NOT riding, what would take up your time and why?

Family. Plus working on Duc & car projects

3 words your closest friends would say about you?

Another good question….

Best motorcycling advice received?

That old cliché; “ it’s not what you ride, it’s how you ride”

What advice would you give someone new to DOCNZ?

Get amongst it!

📸 by Phil Aynsley. Andrew on Justin Lowe's beauty

other 📸 by Andrew and Kent Murray


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