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Director Spotlight // Roger & Sue

Waikato DOCNZ Directors - Roger & Sue

When I think about our Waikato DOCNZ Directors, Roger & Sue, I think about Sue's infectious smiles and Roger's well planned twisty turn-ie routes.

These two are out on their Ducati adventures most weekends and post their photos to prove it to our FB Group page.

Let's find out more...
What's the best thing about DOCNZ
The camaraderie. To be able to join like minded weird Ducati owners on a ride or a club meeting. We both enjoy the banter, meeting new people and the friendships you develop.

What inspires you?

Fine weather and a tank full of petrol!

Describe your approach to riding in a song, and why?
Sue: Dragon: Rain……… “don’t go out in the pouring rain” lol
Roger: Tool AEnema, Song about cleansing the world from all the shight and starting again. That’s what motorcycling does to me, cleanses my mind, to start a new day fresh. Some people use yoga, go figure…..

How does DOCNZ make you feel part of the family, and why?
The inclusiveness. The ability to join other Ducati riders without any prejudice. To tell people where to go…. To encourage others to get off their arse and ride their bikes.

Best Ducati/motorcycling experience/memory?

2022 South Island Turismo! Awesome. So many unexplored roads without dodging tourists.

WORST Ducati/motorcycling experience/memory?
907ie missing and farting. Misbehaving so much we brought her back home and having to watch her being loaded onto the back of a truck, heading to Ramon in AK for surgery.

What’s on your motorcycling route/destination bucket list?
Achievable one? To ride to Cape Reinga. Lotto funded one? Tour of Italy during the Ducati World week

What have you learned about life since becoming a motorcyclist?

You can’t always out run cops and all cage drivers are out to get you. Live for the moment because you can’t take your bike with you when you get committed…..

Biggest motorcycling peeve when riding with others? And why?
Pub stops (other than a lunch). I’m for the ride and if we keep on stopping at every pub you lose the flow.

What would others be peeved about when riding with you? And how do you know this?

Did someone complain about us? Who are they? Where do they live? What bike do they ride and rego number?!!! Seriously though….not stopping at the pub…. We figured this out one day when we ended our ride with half the group missing.

If you didn’t ride, or not riding, what would take up your time and why?

Sue: Puppies, cause they are cute, I love animals and Roger doesn’t like being patted and his ears scratched all the time.
Roger: Shed full of tools to tinker with building stuff. Need to learn more about how things work but don’t have the time to do this due to always out riding.

3 words your closest friends would say about you?

Sue: Fun. Dependable. Caring
Roger: Loyal. Thoughtful. Hilarious.

Best motorcycling advice?
Best advice was from Sue to tell me to “go for it!” when being passed by….. anything…..

What advice would you give someone new to DOCNZ?
Come and join us on one of our rides. We are not here to prove anything other than to enjoy ourselves. Ride your own ride, be it fast or slow. We all want to make it home so we can tell our new Ducatistas what a cool day it was.


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