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Casbolts - Transformation and Team Spotlight

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Casbolts have been around since 1932, a long-term player in the New Zealand Motorcycle industry, but there have been a huge range of changes in the last 3 years that the club might like to know about!

Casbolts was sold out of the family name in 2021 to a Christchurch couple, Dom, and Tania, who took the business to another level with a dream to turn it into a motorcycle-superstore! The project started to take the dealership from a small shop on Manchester Street to the new site in mid-2021, and when the fit-out was finished, Casbolts opened at our new site on the 28th of February 2022.

The new building is over 1500 square meters inside, with the largest range of apparel and safety gear in the South Island. Over 140 bikes in stock with the full range of current model Ducatis on the floor, a massive range of demonstrators, and a fully specced workshop with Ducati-qualified technicians.

Dom and Tania sold the business in 2023 to the current owners, Canterbury Moto. Josh, Amos, and Sam make up the ownership, with Josh in the shop running day-to-day operations as the Dealer Principal. With varying backgrounds in Finance, Motor Vehicle Sales, Web Development, and Business Development, the new ownership is taking the Casbolts business into the future.

Casbolts - Shop front

Casbolts - Shop front

The shop is now open 7 days a week, with the hours being 8:30 am – 5:30 pm Monday to Friday, and 9 am – 4 pm on Saturdays and Sundays. The workshop is now open 6 days a week as well, from Monday through to Saturday, so there’s always an opportunity to get your bike serviced, tires changed, or specialist advice if you need it! The newly refurbished Ducati end of the shop always has the full range of Ducati apparel, from t-shirts through to full race suits, and the opportunity to have a race suit custom-fitted to you, we have it all.

The team has grown as well, with 4 new staff being taken on since the changeover on the 1st of February – two more Parts and Apparel staff, another technician, and another salesperson.

All the staff in the shop ride, and you can be assured that Ducati ownership makes up a high percentage of the bikes owned by the staff. Several staff owned 748s, Panigales, Hypermotards, and Streetfighters are regularly floating around the shop.

Many of the staff haven’t changed, but we thought it would be a good idea to introduce some of the new members and re-introduce you to some of the long-term team, so we asked a few questions, where are you originally from? How many bikes have you owned? How long have you been at Casbolts? And what is one of your favourite motorcycling moments/memories?

Casbolts - in store

Casbolts - in store

Josh Kennedy - Dealer Principal

I’m originally from Invercargill! I left there in 2010 and have lived all around New Zealand in the last few years, finding myself back in Canterbury and owning the best motorcycle dealership in the South Island (I might be a bit biased though!) I’ve owned 7 bikes, with the standout being a Panigale 1299S; what an absolutely beautiful machine that I’m no doubt going to regret selling one day! I’ve been working in the shop since January, and we took over ownership on the first of February. Time is flying by, though, and I’m sure we’ll be doing a “Birthday” celebration with the team in February before I know it! My absolute favourite motorcycling memory is doing the Playday Southern Tour in 2018 with Moto TT. Teretonga, Highlands, Levels, and Ruapuna track days all inside 10 days, with 160 odd other motorcyclists and the opportunity to tour the South Island as you go. Gary and Raewyn run an awesome

Bo Peterson – Sales

I’m Christchurch born and raised! I’ve just started my motorcycling life after seeing the light finally! I’ve had a ton of cars and now I’m onto my first bike – a Ninja 300. I’m still moving through the license process and am fortunate enough to be able to ride whatever I like in the shop! Can’t wait to get the green light finally and get my leg over some of the bikes in our demo fleet! I’ve been at Casbolts for a month or so now. The highlight of my motorcycling career so far has definitely been doing a sub 2-minute lap on my Ninja on my first track day!

Jules Marchant – Parts

I was born in Christchurch and have owned 15 bikes over 14 years. My latest is a Ducati Scrambler, and the number is still growing! I have worked at Casbolts for a total of 6 years with 3 different owners. It's a rewarding industry to be in, and I have met some very interesting people along the way! We have a great team, who I consider my work family -and what's more, I get to yarn about bikes, accessories, bike projects, and to fit like-minded people in really cool gear -it spins my wheels every day.

Aaron Hanson – Parts

I’m originally from Johannesburg, South Africa, and have owned 5 bikes in total, including dirt bikes! I’ve been working at Casbolts for 6 months so far, having recently moved to the mainland from Auckland. My favourite motorcycling memories must be of riding with mates on the Auckland west coast to grab burgers – ideal times!

Kris Shaw – Workshop Manager

I’m originally from Auckland, moved down with family. I’ve owned 11 bikes over the years, 9 being dirt bikes and 2 road. I have been working at Casbolts for 1 year, 2 months and in the workshop manager role now since February. My favourite motorcycling moment would have to be doing freestyle motocross with a few mates in my late teens / early 20’s!

Casbolts supports various Canterbury DOCNZ initiatives and the DOCNZ crew  ❤️📸 MJSmyth Images

Casbolts supports various Canterbury DOCNZ initiatives and the DOCNZ crew ❤️

📸 MJSmyth Images


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