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Ducati Dealer | DOCNZ Supporter | Good Buggers!

Motomart have been in the game since '95 and in that time have seen a fair few changes!

One thing that remains is their on going passion and commitment to customers and their love for motorcycles. 

They are the real deal, they've got your back and have been supporting DOCNZ and our members since way back when.

Let's share our support right back at them. Together, we'll keep the Ducati spirit burning in Lower Hutt and beyond!


Now over to Kent to introduce you to this team of GOOD BUGGERS...

Ange | DOCNZ Pres

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Motomart, New Zealand's capital city Ducati dealership, has been around since 1995!

It's not long until our 30th birthday, and the business has undergone massive changes in that time.

We've been in different locations, had different owners, different visions and directions, and a number of dealer principals. It also goes without saying that we've had a few staff changes.

While there have been a number of changes, several things have stayed the same. All of us, from Sales to Parts to Service and everyone in between, are motorcyclists.

We all ride (sometimes not as much as we want to) and have varied experience on different bikes and in different roles.

As a reintroduction of some of our team, here are key members you would have seen around or spoken to. All of our staff live in the Wellington region, of course, but most come from outside the area. So we've asked them a few questions each: Where are you originally from? How many bikes have you owned? How long have you been at Motomart? And what is one of your favorite motorcycling moments/memories?

Ian Shiner - Dealer Principal

I'm originally from Wimbledon, UK (so he is very classy, of course). I've owned easily over 200 bikes (We can confirm this to be true; sometimes they would last a week, a month, or a little bit more). I'm coming up on 10 years at Motomart (from Service Manager and now to D.P). As for a memory back in the UK, a bunch of friends and I would go on late-night rides through London. It was a great laugh riding around the city without traffic, and being young, there was plenty of traffic dodging and silliness. BUT I think the first tour of the South Island with my wife was probably the most life-changing. The open road touring and combination of roads and views were just sensational. That being said, there was also a ride down to the South Coast of England I did not long before I left (or did I have to leave?). Our families were already on holiday down there, and my best mate and I had the same model bikes - ratty GSXR600s - and it was a scorching hot day. We shot off after work, and I remember we just twisted the throttles. It was a quick ride, and when we pulled up, we both just chuckled away as it was insanely fun.

Kent Osborne – Sales & Marketing Manager

I grew up in a little village in the Far North called Kaingaroa (about 15 minutes from Kaitaia). I've had 23 bikes (including a few scooters) so far, and I've worked at Motomart for almost 7 years now. I'm going to be greedy as I have a number of favorite motorcycling moments. I did the Trans Alpine Scooter Safari on a 50cc Honda as a charity event for the Cancer Society (riding from Christchurch to Hokitika) in honor of my Grandad and Uncle. There's also riding through the Far North, especially over the Mangamuka hill range (southeast of Kaitaia), with my best mate. We got a clear run on a nice warm cloudless day, twisted the throttle, and had plenty of fun. I also had the opportunity to be at the Ducati Desert X launch in Sydney for its release, and group riding in the hills there was sensational. It was so much fun riding in different environments on such a great machine. But probably my top moment was riding with my dad, brother, and best mates to my wedding.

Gareth Steele – Sales

I grew up in Cape Town, South Africa. I've owned 8 bikes, and now I'm in a great position where I can take any of the bikes in the shop for a spin. I've been at Motomart for over 14 years. Regarding a favorite memory, this is a hard one because every time I get on a bike, it's my favorite time. But back in Cape Town, we did this trip up the Garden Route, a 2000-3000km round trip. Five of us went, and two of the guys were from Johannesburg, friends of a friend. So there was a bit of meshing of friend groups and guys we hadn't ridden with. As you can imagine, with the five of us young guys and big open roads, we weren't hanging around. Within the first 150km, one of these guys wrote off his ZX6 and had to ride pillion for the rest of the ride. Then halfway along the ride, the other friend of a friend crashed out, and they both had to bus home! So that left the three of us. On the way home, one of my mates binned it as well, leaving just the two of us. It was an absolute comedy of errors, but we all made it home safe. There was plenty of work needed on three of the bikes after that ride, but it was great fun even though some of the boys had some serious repair work to do afterward.

Dan Bloxham – Parts Manager

I was born in Marton and raised in Tauranga. I've had a total of 6 bikes, 3 dirt bikes, and 3 road bikes. I've been at Motomart for almost 5 months now. My favorite ride was definitely Auckland to the NDR in 2023. It's easy to pick the most recent one as it's top of mind, but the roads were sensational. The corners were nice big sweepers, and the bumps were mad (literally bouncing off the road at full tilt). The company with Darryl and Ange was awesome. It was just such a great experience, and what got me the most were the undulating roads and the coarse seal chip. It was harder than my rear brake (which was admittedly quite flaccid), and I can't wait to head up that way again.

AJ Chappell – Service Manager

I was born and bred in Waikanae (and a born and bred racer). I've been riding and racing for a long time. I've had 7 bikes (5 road and 2 race bikes), and I've ridden maybe 2000. I've been at Motomart since I first started spinning the tools and have now gone over 13 years! Easily one of my favorite riding moments was when I was racing. I had an excellent season, and I led for about 7 rounds (out of 8). I remember hitting each corner with absolute focus and determination, but also stoked that I was nailing it. It was a great feeling leading, and everyone else followed. In that series, it was a huge moment because at that point, I was beating my brother... don't ask what happened next.

Morgan Yates – Service Advisor

I grew up in Lower Hutt (Taita and Stokes Valley, so I'm a true local). I'm just ticking over 10 total for bikes. Over 4 different roles and 4.5 years at Motomart. A few years ago, all my mates who rode decided to do a roadie from Wellington to Auckland for the Kevin Hart gig. It was the first big road trip on bikes we had all done, and it was an excellent long.

Matt, Irantha (Front), Zack (rear), Craig, Ian, Gareth, Kent, Morgan, AJ, Ethan, Dan, and Ming.

Missing – Conrad, Richard, Trevor, and Lislie

Matt, Irantha (Front), Zack (rear), Craig, Ian, Gareth, Kent, Morgan, AJ, Ethan, Dan, and Ming.Missing – Conrad, Richard, Trevor, and Lislie
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✍️📸 Kent Osborne, Motomart

Past Motomart crew

Past Motomart crew


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