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Adam reignites DOCNZ Club night in Bay of Plenty

Meet Adam! A doer! 

At the last AGM he asked what plans there were to hold regular club nights in the Bay of Plenty... fast forward to today... he's now organised it!!

I love his attitude of "If you want something done, do it yourself".

Originally from The Netherlands, Adam got into riding at the age of 18.

When he went to take his motorcycle licence test, the examiner asked him if he was "going to pass this time around" but forgot that he had already passed his car licence two months earlier. Classic mistake?! Adam passed with flying colours and bought a Honda Rebel 250 as his first learner's bike.

The only thing, riding in The Netherlands wasn't quite as exciting as he thought it would be. With no hills or winding roads to make things interesting, he sold the bike to wait for a better opportunity to get back into riding.

Fast forward to 2011, Adam moved to New Zealand and finally got back on a bike. He bought a Ducati Monster 821 and after a year switched to something more comfortable for his longer adventures. He now rides a Multistrada V4S, which is by far his favourite bike, and has the mileage to prove it!

He loves exploring off the beaten track, discovering new roads, and hitting the occasional gravel and dirt. His favourite rides include the coastal road up to Port Jackson, the Coromandel loop, and anything up in the Far North.

After having a blast at the 2023 Ducati National Rally (NDR) and Turismo he wanted to bring Ducati fanatics together once a month in his home town.

✍️📸 by Adam Reis

Adam & his trusty Multi

Adam & his trusty Multi


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