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2023 GOOD BUGGER of the YEAR

What an amazing response we had to the GOOD BUGGER award this year!

When we first introduced this award, we had no idea just how much it would take off. But now, as we celebrate our third year of the award, we're blown away by the number of nominations received.

Our first year, had 7 amazing nominees. The next year, the number increased to 10. This year, we had a fabulous  23 nominations for the award!

Each nominee has done something super special to deserve recognition, so let's take a look at who was nominated and who took top prize! 

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Andrea (BAT) Paterson

Andrea is always one of the first to the monthly meetings. She thought it would be a great idea to have a Ducati flag present so she investigated and purchased a couple to get the best one and also the stand to have the flag on. She has taken on the role of chief photographer for the region and helps plan the rides. She has also introduced new members to the club. Keep up the good work BAT. - anonymous nomination

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Bruno Guillemin

For conspiring with Janine and making a mad dash to Wellington & back from Hawea to deliver my 996 on my birthday - nominated by Adrian Taylor

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Chris Marer

He’s the godfather of the Wellington region and possible more. He’s there with a story and some of them could be true - nominated by Ross

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Chris Nicoll

Chris was a legend after man and bike went down in his area. The broken gear lever was removed late in the day, welded and refitted early the next morning. The empty clutch fluid reservoir was refilled and bled. And the broken pannier was taken home and delivered hundreds of kms away a few weeks later. An absolute GOOD BUGGER - anonymous nomination

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Dan Bloxham

For being an absolute GC (GB), providing me with a rear view mirror (cause I don't have any), a backpack rain protective cover, and sourcing me some new rubber and mini service on his first day at his new job - Motomart Lower Hutt. Thanks a bunch mate! - nominated by Joe Togo

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Dave Fryer

Dave’s keeping Wellington on their toes by sorting rides in the Manawatu, he’s a great organiser and is always there . I’m loving the combined meets and rides we’re having with those Manawatu Mongrels and us Wellington £¥#€[{‘s - anonymous nomination

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Glen Corson

Where do I start?! 100% Always there to help other riders and promote Ducati - nominated by Kelly Jenkins

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Grant Thwaites

Grant's the guy who will ALWAYS stop & help a fellow rider in trouble be it a flat tyre, flat battery, anything at all he will sacrifice his entire ride to help, support & if possible fix the issue. If he can't then he lends his bike to the stranded person to go to the nearest town to find help- he has literally stood for hours on the side of the road while his bike is being used in search of a solution. Grant would hate to get this award because he's so humble and just does good things for people because he's a good bugger - anonymous nomination

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Janine Taylor

She bought me a 996 for my birthday, nuff said! nominated by Adrian Taylor

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Kelly Jenkins

She is out there constantly promoting the club - nominated by Edson Guerrero

She went way above and beyond last weekend for me. While racing I had a big off. There was no more spare ambulances left that could leave track so I got Kelly to take me so racing could resume. She stayed with me all night while I had multiple x rays and ct scans then when I refused to stay the night she bought me home after 1 am. She's a trooper and an absolute go beyond good bugger. Best thing for DOCNZ ever down here – nominated by Glenn Corson

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Nick Gregory

Nick offered me his Multi to ride with the Turismo, when he heard my bike was stuck in the South Island, after Cyclone Gabrielle - anonymous nomination

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Nick Marer

Only two words required … ‘That Guy’ - anonymous nomination

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Roger Pereira

GOOD BUGGER and Director! - nominated by Pete Thomasen

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Ross Dixon

Ross is a shining example of what a Regional Director should be. He was the first person to greet me when I attended my first DOCNZ club night, and since then I’ve seen him give so much of himself to so many club members, even when he is time short. He is front and centre, organised and encouraging and handles it all with the self deprecating humour that we all like so much. He involves others in the decision making making you feel valued. The efforts he made to keep us all engaged during his recent trip to wdw was fantastic. We’d been communicating with him at all hours of the day and night and then he put on a webinar to share his travels wider. Fantastic! We love the guy for all that he does for the Wellington Ducati Team and feel he is a worthy ‘Good Bugger’! - nominated by Graeme Joy

For his manly good looks, constant sense of humor, inappropriate comments, enthusiasm and taking the Wellington region to a new level - nominated by Chris Marer

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Steve Harwood

Red Cross volunteer who delivered food and fuel packages by helicopter to isolated people who were stuck in their homes behind slips in Northland after cyclone Gabrielle. - nominated by Victoria Harwood

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Ange - DOCNZ President

Ange always gives 1000% to DOCNZ making it the best club it can be for its members, and this deserves recognition. We are so lucky to have her. X - nominated by Kelly Jenkins

Google forms does not allow enough space for us to thank Ange for what she does for the club. She is driven, passionate and caring. We are very lucky to have her - anonymous nomination 

Being a great President, no easy job - anonymous nomination 

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And the winner of this year's GOOD BUGGER award is...

Pete Mallalieu -  GOOD BUGGER of 2023

Pete’s a stalwart in the Wellington region, he’s the GB that looks after people when things go wrong, offs, parts falling off bikes. Always a big smile and hug and dependable - nominated by Ross

For doing his absolute best in trying to help me find my lost shift rod on the Rimutaka hill! Not only does this deserve a good bugger award, but probably a hazardous activity award as well! Thanks a so much mate! - nominated by Joe Togo

After I was strong armed by an unnamed DOCNZ Ride Director into riding a jappa borrowed from an unnamed Ride Director to a DOCNZ ride I had a nasty crash and while a/the unnamed DOCNZ Ride Director rode off into the distance the bloody good bugger Pete swooped to my rescue. Say no more other than he's a bloody good guy! - nominated by Scott Palmer

📸 ASP - Pete accepting his award

📸 ASP - Pete accepting his award

Congratulations to all of our nominees and to our winner!

Thank you for everything you do to make DOCNZ such an incredible community. Let's keep celebrating the good buggers among us!

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