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Director Spotlight // Kelly

Our Canterbury DOCNZ Director Kelly has charisma by the bucket loads! 

She's living her best life and I'm so glad Kelly shares her best life with DOCNZ!

Let's get to know her more...

Kelly at Rodin private track 📸 credit Edson

Kelly at Rodin private track 📸 credit Edson

What’s the best thing about DOCNZ?

The people! And the bikes…

What inspires you?

People out there kicking ass and being the best they can be! Carving my own path within a male dominated environment is awesome too!

Describe your approach to riding in a song

Oooh, that’s a toughie - probably My Obsession by Icehouse

What’s your favourite thing about being a DOCNZ Director?

Connecting people - I like to think it’s what I do best. But also hoping my enthusiasm encourages more people to get out riding more!

Your best Ducati/motorcycling experience?

The DOCNZ Turismo… it’s everything Ducati.

Your WORST motorcycling experience?

Crashing 14 months ago - 4 nights in hospital with badly damaged lungs and broken bones, but back riding within 4 weeks (don’t tell my doctor!)

What’s on your motorcycling bucket list?

Isle of Man - just to see those speeds in the flesh…wow!

What have you learned about life since becoming a motorcyclist?

That the more you put into it, the more you get out of it. I have always lived life to the fullest, but this is next level-Carpe diem!

What is your biggest motorcycling peeve when riding with others? And why?

Ha, that they don’t ride for long enough! A good ride is 650-750kms in a day. I’d like to crack 1000kms in a day (next goal).

What would others be peeved about when riding with you? 

That I want to ride 650-700 kms in a day!  Or that I stop and take too many photos!

If you didn’t ride, or NOT riding, what would take up your time and why?

I’m actually quite arty - I would be sitting in a studio painting, or attending art classes. Oh, and working part time - I’m a Dental Hygienist @ Better Smiles

3 words your closest friends would say about you?

A wee gem

Most valuable advice received about motorcycling?

It was actually from my partner (he was the one who got me into riding).

He said don’t rush the upgrade process: stick to a smaller cc bike for the first year and clock up as many km’s as you can and get smooth through the corners (25,000kms on my learners with a Honda CB300r in 12 months).

Second bike was a Yamaha 689 (34,000kms in 13 months) and now my Ducati 937 (so far 32,000kms in 14 months).

No idea how many km’s I’ve clocked up on my race bike and offroad bike but it’s a few too!

I’ve now been riding/had my license about 4 years. All I do is ride!

What advice would you give someone new to DOCNZ?

Definitely bite the bullet and pop on down to our next meeting-especially if you have been thinking of doing it but haven’t got round to it. We are a good bunch!


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